Chip and Company

Celebrate nature’s unique bounty — that is the mantra of Chip and Company, a showcase of the collaboration between nature and Chip Cheatham. Known as the “designer’s designer” for decades, Chip offers his unique perspective and vision in reinterpreting found objects from exotic corners of the world into limited production furnishings and accessories. Chip’s intuitive sense of style is evident in fashionable residences and resorts across the globe.

His distinctive, ever-changing inventory includes one-of-a-kind accessories, art objects, batik fabrics, petrified wood from the “Ring of Fire,” hand-woven rugs, and furnishings made from nature’s bounty and by the hands of many generations of craftsmen.

International … that is Chip’s scope. His hunting grounds are in the off-the-beaten-track areas of the world. A student of different cultures, Chip appreciates and is proud to focus on the humanity behind the creation of each object through the craftsmanship rarely found in today’s mass-produced goods. Each piece tells the story of days gone by — built and created out of necessity, by hand, not by machinery.

Pacific Rim, parts of Europe and across continents. There is where old meets Chip, who puts a new twist on found objects, transforming and refreshing their purposes for today. Chip and Company, your new source for the unique, distinctive furnishings that evoke faraway intrigue and timeless style.

“I love primitive things because they tell a story. They’ve been touched by humanity and the hands of time.”
–Chip Cheatham


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